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Acustica Applicata DaaD review from a Home Media customer

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Home Media are stockists of the Acustica Applicata range of resonators. They recently received a glowing review for the DaaD sound harmonisers from a customer which we include below.

I have now had the DaaD Series on home demonstration for two weeks. I am lucky in that I have a dedicated Hi-Fi room and some good equipment which itself has been upgraded many times over the years. I am unlucky in having this equipment in a small room, roughly 11 x 8. I very much doubted that (a) the DaaD system would fit in the room and (b) that it would be a cost effective upgrade. Suffice to say that after hours of listening I am certain that this acoustic treatment has delivered the best upgrade in SQ that I have ever made. My son listened. He said “Dad, it’s like you are in the second row of the stalls” I concur. Awesome.

See the review and the range of Acustica Applicata DaaD products now available at Home Media on their website.

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