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Experience a delicate, vast and colourful musical canvas

The Signature series from Vitus Audio is a step up from their Reference range. The products in the Signature range stay true to the Vitus ethos of reproducing sound as naturally as possible.


Vitus Audio SIA-025

SIA-025 Mk II

Possibly the most well reviewed high-end amplifier the industry has seen. With the SIA-025 MK2, the Vitus Audio design team created a real integrated amplifier you’ll adore. The initial concept was a real challenge. Fitting all...

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Vitus Audio SIA-030


Creating a product intended to be a model up from a much-coveted and multi-award-winning icon (in this instance, the SIA-025) is no easy task. A casual exploration of the sheer number of 5-star reviews and awards...

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Vitus Audio SCD 025 Mk II

SCD-025 Mk II

A remarkable CD Player with a truly analogue sound. Vitus Audio used their primary analogue turntable along with a Masterpiece Phono Stage as a reference. The desire was to simply make the SCD-025 MK2 a much...

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Vitus Audio SD-025


The ultimate digital product with the ultimate analogue sound. After the phenomenal success of the SCD-025 MkII, Vitus Audio were bombarded with requests to make a version of the SCD but without the CD replay option,...

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Vitus Audio SP-103


“Tabula Rasa”. It means starting with a clean slate. When you actually start from scratch as a manufacturer, the results can be surprising. This was the case with the Vitus Audio SP-103 Phono Stage. It’s a...

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Vitus Audio SL 103


The Masterpiece Series has been the internal road map for quite some years at Vitus Audio. Their engineers have spent a long time developing the two chassis MP-L201 supreme line stage. After this big achievement, it...

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Vitus Audio SS-025


With a mix of technology taken from the SIA-025 and the SM-011, Vitus Audio have created their most powerful design to date, considering the physical size of the unit. With 300 Watts per channel into 8...

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Vitus Audio SS-103


Could this be the last amplifier you’ll ever purchase? This addition to the Vitus Audio Signature Series makes a very strong case for itself. The SS-103 Stereo Power Amplifier has advanced to a new level of...

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Vitus Audio SM-011


The new SM-011 monaural amplifiers – a whole new level. With no upgradability, nor backwards compatibility needed, the Vitus Audio design team had free reign to push the audio boundaries to the limit. With the SIA-025...

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Vitus Audio SM-103


The SM-103 is a no-compromise monaural amplifier that will take on the very best, regardless of cost. There was only one way to improve on the incredible performance of the statement SS-103; give each channel its...

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