OePhi Transcendence Cables OePhi Transcendence Cables

OePhi Transcendance Cables

Transcendence Cables

OePhi’s Transcendence cable range further builds on the performance of the Ascendence range bringing an effortless realism to musical replay. The geometry and conductor assemblies have been even further refined presenting a degree of accuracy rarely found in cables from other manufacturers.

Go beyond the ascent to transcend the realm of your audio expectations with the Transcendence cable range from OePhi.

OePhi Transcendence Cables


OePhi Transcendence Digital RJ45 Cable

OePhi Transcendence Digital Cables

OePhi Transcendence cables take the performance a step on from the Ascendence range. The ethernet and USB cables are optimised with copper conductors suspended in cotton damped air dielectric. The USB is also fully screened and...

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OePhi Transcendence RCA Interconnects

OePhi Transcendence Interconnects

Building on the strengths of Ascendence, the Transcendence range of interconnects takes the performance further with effortless realism that takes musical replay to transcendental levels. Experience a degree of accuracy and realism not heard from any...

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OePhi Transcendence Loudspeaker Cables

OePhi Transcendence Loudspeaker Cables

Speed, authority and clarity ensure that music is conveyed from the subsonic register through the fastest transients. The Transcendence speaker cable is a new testament to what a speaker cable can do. Optimised copper conductors, cotton...

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OePhi Transcendence Power Cable

OePhi Transcendence Power Cables

The Transcendence Power Cable offers speed and clarity second only to the Immanence Power Cable. By operating as an integral component of the attached equipments’ power supply, the Transcendence Power Cable will by means of improved...

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