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Aperture Acoustic Panels

The Stillpoints Aperture acoustic panels represent a whole new form of acoustical treatment. The Stillpoints Aperture is actually three products in one: an absorber, a diffuser, and a resonator. Due to its revolutionary design, it is impossible to directly compare the performance parameters of the Stillpoints Aperture to a conventional acoustic panel made of fiberglass.


Stillpoints Aperture

Aperture 2

The Stillpoints Apertures are a unique approach to room acoustics. They combine several treatments into one furniture-grade component: an absorber, a diffuser, and a resonator. They are exceptionally powerful, so you do not need to cover...

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Stillpoints Aperture Stand

Aperture Stands

The new V2 stands offer even greater versatility in terms of positioning the panel, they are lightweight and fully adjustable.

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