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About us

Who we are

We are distributors of specialised audio equipment, with more than thirty years of combined expertise in our field. We search for outstanding, timeless products from high-end manufacturers who work at the very edge of what is possible in sound reproduction. Above all, we are passionate about our work and dedicated to providing our clients with the most appropriate and objective advice possible.

The products we recommend share the common goals of setting new standards in audio fidelity and pushing the bounds of what is thought possible.

Nevertheless, we believe that ‘perfect fidelity’ should never be an end in itself, but rather the means of evoking the full spectrum of emotional response from great music. After all, it was his love of music, not of electronic engineering, that inspired our founder to launch the company.

Fraser Robertson - Airt Audio

What’s in a name?

Airt means ‘direction’ or ‘compass point’ in Gaelic. But we might easily have chosen a word for ‘bridge’ because we provide a link between high-end brands on the one hand, and audio retailers and their customers on the other. We introduce audio equipment to the public through our trusted partners, who in turn must be able to present our chosen products with a knowledge and passion equal to our own.

What's in a name


Our commitment can extend from the introduction of a product to the marketplace, through to its installation in a client’s home and beyond. Support and expertise are at the core of our offering.

Brand owners and dealerships are invited to contact us to explore how we can work together to increase awareness and appreciation of this exciting market.


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DS-10 EVO DAC preamplifier, PSU-10 EVO power supply, PA-10 power amplifier and A3 EVO II

Posted on

Gold Note win the 25th Anniversary HiFi + Editor’s Choice Awards

Gold Note continue to go from strength to strength - this time winning the coveted HiFi + Editors Choice Awards for 2024 with a complete system comprising the DS-10 EVO DAC preamplifier,...

Gold Note CD-10, T5 and IS-10

Posted on

The New CD-10, T-5 Turntable, and IS-10 from Gold Note

Gold Note have been on a run of form over the last few months releasing a new turntable, the T-5, a game-changing, all-in-one integrated amplifier in the form of the IS-10, the...

Posted on

Vitus Audio event at Soundstage Hi-Fi exceeds expectations

"When Glen and Fraser brought the system to us a few days before the weekend we could tell we were in for something special, a few hours later when everything was set...

Stillpoints Ultra ESS rack

Posted on

The new Stillpoints Ultra ESS has landed

The Ultra ESS is the new benchmark in component support from Stillpoints. At Airt, we've long been huge supporters of the Stillpoints approach to isolation. The V2 technology found across their range...

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