OePhi Immanence Cables OePhi Immanence Cables

OePhi Immanence Cables

Immanence Cables

The Immanence cable range is intended for discerning audiophiles who want to extract the maximum performance from their systems. They are particularly adept at revealing the true potential within a high-end system and even more so when OePhi Immanence or Reference speakers (or any similarly refined high-end speaker) form part of the set up. These cables offer a noticeable improvement in dynamics, refinement, and overall sound quality compared to OePhi’s Lounge, Ascendence and Transcendence ranges.

Pure silver conductors are present in the interconnects, replacing the pure copper used in the lower ranges and the connectors are also made of pure silver, rather than silver-plated copper.

For speaker cables, the Immanence series features a wider design, indicating further optimisation of the cable geometry.

Immanence cables are built with greater refinement and effort put into achieving an optimal performance. The construction aims to balance extreme low and high-frequency performance, with a focus on improving top-end refinement, headroom, and bass definition.

OePhi Immanence Cables


OePhi Immanence RJ45 Digital Cable

OePhi Immanence Digital Cables

Immanence digital cables further improve on the performance of the Transcendence series of cables with the introduction of pure silver conductors and further refinements to conductor geometry. The LAN (RJ45) cable is completely unique and is...

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OePhi Immanence RCA Interconnects

OePhi Immanence Interconnects

OePhi Immanence Interconnects feature high-quality pure silver conductors, replacing the copper used in lower ranges, to achieve superior signal transmission. The connectors are also crafted from pure silver, enhancing overall performance. Utilising OePhi's proven geometry and...

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OePhi Immanence Loudspeaker Cables

OePhi Immanence Loudspeaker Cables

The Imminence loudspeaker cables represent a significant step up in OePhi's cable lineup. These cables feature a wider design compared to lower ranges, reflecting further optimisation of OePhi's proven cable geometry.

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OePhi Immanence Power Cable

OePhi Immanence Power Cables

Immanence power cables from OePhi are designed with the same fundamental principles as their speaker cables, focusing on optimising impedance rather than DC resistance. These cables utilise a geometry similar to OePhi speaker cables, adapted for...

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