Stillpoints Ultra


Incredible isolation

The Stillpoints Ultra range brings an array of isolation solutions for loudspeakers, electronics and your turntable. Manufactured to the most exacting of standards in the USA.


Stillpoints Ultra Mini v2
Ultra Mini V2

The Stillpoints Ultra Mini is the entry product of the new line of Ultra technology isolators from Stillpoints. Height adjustability is 0.160″ or a little over 1/8″ (.125″). The Stillpoints Ultra Mini is meant to be...

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Stillpoints Ultra SS v2
Ultra SS V2

Using proprietary stainless steel and ceramic bearings, the Stillpoint ultra SS essentially takes the micro vibrations coming from the component that is sitting on it and dissipates them (top-down). It also decouples the component from the...

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Stillpoints Ultra 2 v2
Ultra 2 V2

Upgrade your hi-fi system without upgrading a single component! The new Ultra 2 isolation device is a highly cost effective introduction to the Stillpoints line. It brings a great deal of the flagship Stillpoints Ultra 6...

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Stillpoints Ultra 5 v2
Ultra 5 V2

Stillpoints Ultra 5 isolation feet employ five pockets of Stillpoints technology per unit for maximum stability and vibration reduction. When placed under components, these award-winning devices yield a massive improvement and provide a drastic increase in...

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Stillpoints Ultra 6 v2
Ultra 6 V2

The award-winning Stillpoints Ultra 6 Isolation feet can dramatically enhance clarity, articulation and soundstaging. Once you experience what a set of Stillpoints Ultra 6 isolation feet can do for your audio system, you won’t be surprised...

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Stillpoints Ultra 7
Ultra 7

The new Stillpoints Ultra 7’s were custom-designed for Avalon, Wilson and Rockport speakers. They accumulated from years of research and development and are currently the pinnacle of the Stillpoints range. They will sit under any high-end...

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Stillpoints Ultra LPI v2
Ultra LPI V2

Vinyl sources benefit greatly from care taken with isolation. The new version 2 Stillpoints Ultra LPI raises the performance level again. Evolving from the multi award-winning Ultra 6, it now absorbs even more of the micro...

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