Rayleigh Sound & Vision Gold Note Turntables


Beauty and technical perfection combined

Beautifully designed turntables offering clarity, faithful reproduction and an unmistakably Italian design aesthetic. Gold Note turntables offer a modern audio solution for the contemporary audiophile.


Gold Note Bellagio Reference
Bellagio Reference

The Bellagio turntable series is available as a limited edition and the Reference model derives directly from the flagship Conquest. It features five plinths and a more compact shape. The Reference combines elegant Italian design with...

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Gold Note Mediterraneo Turntable

The Mediterraneo premium turntable strikes the eye thanks to its delightful Italian design bringing to mind the breathtaking Tuscan landscape. With its perfect and harmonious look, it will immediately become the centre of attention of any...

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Gold Note Giglio Turntable

The Giglio turntable unveils a beautiful and powerful design carved into precious Italian walnut hardwood chosen for its exceptional elasticity, strength and elevated density. Inspired by the catenary curve philosophy, it provides elegance and first-class audio...

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Gold Note Pianosa Turntable

The Pianosa turntable’s charm operates through its harmonious look and its extremely well-balanced sound. Equilibrium is what distinguishes this exceptional product expressing itself by handcraft quality and technical high-class audio performance. The subtle curves of the...

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Gold Note Valore 425 Plus Turntable
Valore 425 Plus

The Valore 425 Plus is the most complete and musically satisfying turntable of its category, offering an unbeatable audio performance. This elegant and smart turntable has been developed for great musical pleasure and every single feature...

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Gold Note Valore 425 Lite Turntable
Valore 425 Lite

The Valore 425 Lite is the absolute best way to enjoy vinyl on a budget. This is a real performer that suits an impressive variety of High-End audio systems. Elegant and smart, this turntable has been...

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Gold Note B7 Ceramic Tonearm
B-7 Ceramic Tonearm

This high-precision tonearm combined with almost any cartridge will produce a life-like and detailed presentation of any music. Made of high-quality materials such as ceramic and titanium, B-7 is our flagship tonearm and a must-have upgrade...

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Gold Note B-5.1 Tonearm
B-5.1 Tonearm

This high-precision tonearm combined with almost any cartridge will bring music to life. Made of extra high-quality 6000 grade Aluminium, the B-5.1 is our reference tonearm that is already pre-installed on the Gold Note Mediterraneo, Pianosa...

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