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Tidal Audio

Timeless, sophisticated design and benchmark performance

It’s hard to say anything about TIDAL that hasn’t been said before:

“The performance… is like no other. It acknowledges only one competitor: Reality itself.

[All that remains is] music with a veracity and emotional power that the listener has never experienced before.”

Jörn Janczak, Founder and CEO of the German audio company TIDAL Audio, is a music lover whose ambition was to build the finest audio systems in the world. Many connoisseurs would agree that he has succeeded.

TIDAL create unique masterpieces with jewellery finishes, timelessly sophisticated design and benchmark performance, that reproduce music with a degree of accuracy that is nothing less than lifelike.


Tidal Audio Loudspeakers


The centrepiece of Tidal’s formidable reputation started with the quality of their handmade loudspeakers. They are not designed to be manufactured easily and conveniently in large numbers on an automated production line. Every pair are made to exacting standards by skilled craftsmen.

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Tidal Audio Electronics


Tidal Audio electronics are designed and manufactured in-house. The complex multilayer PCB boards are manufactured in the same factory from which the finished product emerges allowing for exceptional quality control and attention to detail.

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Tidal for Bugatti


Tidal for Bugatti speakers are works of art. With timeless design and impeccable acoustics, this incredible collaboration has produced a must-have speaker.

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