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Lowering The Noise Floor

Hear less, listen more

The silence between the musical notes is often heralded as the best music maker of all. In our opinion therein lies a lot of truth to such a statement! For many of the best musicians, it’s often what is not played or how something is phrased that makes it communicate better.

The dynamic pitch, the pace of the music, stopping and starting when things should, the communication of the ever-important message in the music, whether purely with the music/musicians themselves or the lyrics that drive it home to head and heart alike.

These are the complex qualities that we too are trying to emulate in building an extraordinary audio system.

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What is LTNF?

Reducing unwanted noise or interference has been the key to many of the greatest and most worthwhile advances in audio performance over the last decade, better connecting us with our music and the musicians who are creating it, in both the analogue and digital domains. Squeezing ever greater performance by lowering the intrinsic noise floor in any given product, in conjunction with the other products in the chain, rather than purely trying to produce more and more information at the expense of balance and naturalness – this is a far more complex subject than at first it might seem.

Why is it so important?

When audio is your passion, searching for the perfect sound is always the goal. Of course the perfect sound is all a matter of taste, of personal preference. It’s easy to get swept up in sourcing new equipment, finding exquisite vintage equipment and spending huge sums but possibly never quite ticking all the boxes in that quest.

We believe the noise floor – inherent in any audio system – is often the most overlooked aspect to correct by audio lovers in their search for perfection. And it can be the one thing that can turn a great set-up into an exceptional set-up.

The importance of lowering the noise floor is borne out by the efforts of many hifi manufacturers over recent years who have started to incorporate aspects of this discipline into their design and manufacturing processes. In fact, we exclusively represent brands that consider LTNF in their products.

Why is it important

How it works

There are three main areas where we can externally take back control regarding the noise floor.

When you have a well-balanced system and you apply these three defining principles in the right order we can promise you that the results will be quite remarkable, no matter what the room or the system. For us they rank in the following order, with acoustics always being number one, however electrical and mechanical will often swap in the hierarchy dependent upon the individual system and the combinations of product applied. This is where the value of both ourselves and our partners’ experience can be an essential part of your journey.

LTNF Partners

These are our partners that are fully trained in lowering the noise floor. They stock the various products recommended and can help improve your existing set up with expert advice.

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