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Think of us as your personal advisors – enthusiastic experts, passionate about the world of high-end audio, providing you with our objective advice in a complex marketplace.

We believe our mission is to introduce you to the brands and products we work with, and to share with you what it is about them that so excites us.

How do we achieve this?

Firstly, the faithful communication of sound demands an investment in time and energy if it is to engage fully with the heart as well as the head.

So we set out to explain in words and imagery what impresses us about the performance and the aesthetic quality of the equipment we recommend. Hopefully, you’ll grasp why it has earned our admiration and led us to throw behind it the weight of our formidable experience in the field.

Then we’ll aim to consolidate your initial interest by demonstrating how the system’s specifications translate into music (which is, after all, the emotional benefit of all great audio science and design).

In short, we’re here to make sure that you invest wisely in your hifi so that you enjoy fully that deep, emotional response that is the true purpose of all music.

That’s why we’re confident that the brands we so meticulously research and recommend for your attention are the ones you will love.

Our brands

Acustica Applicata DaaD 4

Acustica Applicata

Acustica Applicata was established in 1992 by a group of audiophiles. They design and build modular “acoustic traps” for low and medium frequencies. They also develop software for the analysis of reproduced sound quality.


Avalon Acoustics

Avalon Acoustics is an idealistic group of musicians, artists, craftsmen, and engineers. Their experience ranges from playing and performance through recording, editing, mastering and playback.



Entreq’s founder and chief designer, Per Olof, combined his skill as an audio alchemist with his empathetic understanding of nature to evolve the principle of Grounding – the elimination of extraneous noise in sound reproduction through the use of naturally compatible materials.


Gold Note

It is the city of Florence, that historic pinnacle of achievement in art and science, which provided the inspiration for Gold Note’s creation of world-beating audio systems. Says Maurizio Aterini, ‘We strive to emulate a fusion of past and future’ – the meticulous craftsmanship associated with Renaissance Italy, and the technical sophistication of the most recent advances in audio engineering. 

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Kalista creates hi-fi as works of art. The unique tripod design of the DreamPlay collection is distinct and eye-catching making the look of each product as breathtaking as the sound they produce.

Each product is handcrafted in France and rigorously quality tested at every stage of design and build by audiophiles with decades of experience. These incredible products need to be both seen and heard to be believed.

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Since 1987, Métronome has been leading the charge for high-resolution audio reproduction. Started by a group of true audiophiles in the countryside of Southern France, over the years they have handcrafted exceptional equipment that focuses on getting the very best from recorded audio, whatever its format.

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QSA fuses range

Quantum Science Audio

This range of small but mighty fuses and outlets play an integral part in our ongoing mission to lower the noise floor in your audio system. Experiencing the difference a QSA fuse makes is like experiencing magic.

Available exclusively in the UK from our partners.

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Stillpoints Adapters


If you have a device that has direct contact from top to bottom, (12 o’clock to 6 o’clock) like single bearing devices, no matter what the materials used, it is damping — not isolating.

True isolation does not have a direct path between surfaces. Stillpoints patented technology stacks bearings such that there is no direct contact between the component and the surface upon which it rests.

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Tidal Audio Loudspeakers and Electronics

Tidal Audio

Jörn Janczak, Founder and CEO of the German audio company TIDAL, is a music lover whose ambition was to build the finest audio systems in the world. Many connoisseurs would agree that he has succeeded.

TIDAL create unique masterpieces with jewellery finishes, timelessly sophisticated design and benchmark performance, that reproduce music with a degree of accuracy that is nothing less than lifelike.

Vitus Audio

Vitus Audio

Ask the CEO of Vitus audio, Hans Ole, to sum up his company’s ethos and he simply says, ‘We put technology at the service of the music.’

Although a trained electronics engineer, he has never lost sight of the primary purpose of audio equipment – namely to recreate the most natural and faithful reproduction of a musical performance that technology allows.



The essence of VTL is the marriage of music and technology, expressed in elegant design, attention to detail, value, and reliability. Our goal is to make the experience of music and home theater come alive for you.

Let us introduce you to the VTL “family,” and share our passion…


Our services

Lowering the Noise Floor

Perfect sound reproduction is a tricky art. The products we champion at Airt all aim to make the recorded audio listening experience as close to perfection as possible. Perfection is, of course, subjective, but what is key to achieving the best possible reproduction of sound, regardless of one’s idea of perfection, is to lower the noise floor throughout the audio signal chain.

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Consultation Services

Behind every great music or cinema system is an acoustic plan based on the size and shape of a room, and the position of the speakers. Consulting with our partners, we can guide you through this critical process, maximising your investment and, of course, your musical pleasure.

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The Airt team can support you with any equipment servicing requirements from any of the brands we represent. You can also register your warranty. Use the links below to get started.



We are always looking to forge new relationships with retailers, manufacturers and distributors who feel they share our core values and who are interested in working with us and the brands we love.

Creating working partnerships promoting mutual respect, diligence, a sense of discovery and the intention to build a bespoke service for individual clients is our key purpose.

Our aim is to build a clear strong pathway; growing a substantial, sustainable and productive service and business together.

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