OePhi Reference Cables OePhi Reference Cables

OePhi Reference Cables

Reference Cables

The Reference series represents the pinnacle of OePhi’s cable technology. These flagship cables feature a unique design that separates the conductors completely, utilising solid Danish oak spacers for optimal performance. The Reference series offers:

  1. Extreme performance beyond the Immanence range
  2. Minimised mechanical coupling between conductors
  3. Further advancements in fundamental cable geometry
  4. Exceptional transparency and speed
  5. Significant improvements in both low and high-frequency handling

Designed for the most discerning audiophiles and high-end systems, the Reference series pushes the boundaries of what is possible in cable design. These cables aim to provide a completely transparent listening experience by virtually eliminating cable-induced distortions and allowing your system to perform at its absolute best.


OePhi Reference Digital Cable - SPDIF

OePhi Reference Digital Cables

OePhi Reference digital cables represent the pinnacle of their cable technology, designed to extract the absolute maximum performance from high-end audio systems. These cables are engineered to pair seamlessly with OePhi Reference speakers, pushing beyond the...

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OePhi Reference Interconnect - RCA

OePhi Reference Interconnects

OePhi Reference interconnects represent the pinnacle of OePhi cable technology. These flagship interconnects feature a unique design that sets them apart from the other ranges.

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OePhi Reference Loudspeaker Cables

OePhi Reference Loudspeaker Cables

Experience a previously unheard level of clarity and accuracy with OePhi Reference loudspeaker cables. These cables offer absolute speed, authority and clarity with signal transmission taking a giant leap closer to the absolute preservation of the...

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OePhi Reference Power Cable

OePhi Reference Power Cables

The Reference Power Cable from OePhi goes further than any other cable to offer the absolute in fast, unmodulated current delivery. By responding to current demands in the fastest and cleanest possible way, the Reference Power...

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