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Creating a natural, unencumbered flow to recorded music

Entreq’s founder and chief designer, Per Olof, combined his skill as an audio alchemist with his empathetic understanding of nature to evolve the principle of Grounding – the elimination of extraneous noise in sound reproduction through the use of naturally compatible materials.

His innovative approach raised some initial scepticism, but his ideas are now widely accepted in the world of high-end audio.

Olof describes the ultimate purpose of Entreq’s technology as creating a natural, unencumbered flow to the reproduction of recorded music.

The results are always spectacularly convincing.



Entreq Networking and Digital
Primer Pro

The Primer Pro philosophy is Entreq through and through, none of the signal cables are shielded – all of the noise, interference, pollutants that are present in the signal path drain away to the ground box...

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Entreq - Discover & Konstantin
Discover & Konstantin

The Discover and Konstantin range from Entreq are entry-level cables for medium to high-end HiFi systems.

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Entreq Challenger & Apollo
Challenger & Apollo

The Challenger and Apollo ranges of cables from Entreq offer a step up from the Discover and Konstantin ranges.

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Entreq Atlantis & Olympus
Atlantis & Olympus

The Atlantis and Olympus ranges of cables from Entreq represent the very pinnacle of cable design for high-end systems.

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Entreq Power
Power & Mains

Everything starts with the wall socket. In fact, you are listening to your wall outlet. Be it through more or less sophisticated devices. Ultimately the final sonic result from any music system depends entirely on how...

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Entreq Ground Boxes
Ground Boxes & Cables

A clean and effective ground point is one of the most important factors in ensuring the best possible sonic platform for any HiFi system. When you connect your system to an Entreq ground box, high-frequency voltages...

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Entreq Supports

The Athena support system is a culmination of Entreq’s knowledge & combined technologies brought together in a support system. It is primarily focused on the control of unwanted physical energy, high-frequency noise & electronic / electrical...

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Entreq Accessories

Entreq offer a range of accessories designed to lower the noise floor. From cable lifters and AC wraps to Vibb eaters which absorb unwanted vibrations, turning them into heat. Everything is designed to make the signal...

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