OePhi Immanence 2.5 Loudspeakers OePhi Immanence 2.5 Portrait

OePhi Immanence Loudspeakers

The edge of perfection

The OePhi Immanence range of loudspeakers push the boundaries of audio reproduction without venturing into extreme price territories. Immanence speakers feature a ‘true ribbon’ in an extreme manifestation that weighs even more than the Purifi woofer while its super-low mass diaphragm presents unrivalled acceleration and dynamics.

The Immanence range incorporates higher DC biasing in the crossover and uses significantly larger, more expensive inductors to minimise electrical losses. This results in a speaker with exceptional dynamic capabilities, lower distortion, and improved voicing compared to the already impressive Transcendence line.

The Immanence speakers are designed for audiophiles who demand reference-level performance but prefer a more conventional aesthetic. They offer a significant step up in sound quality, with particular improvements in dynamics, refinement, and overall musicality. While not inexpensive, the Immanence range aims to deliver ultra-high-end performance at a price point that, while substantial, remains within reach for serious audio enthusiasts.

OePhi Immanence 2.5 Loudspeakers


OePhi Immanence 2 Loudspeakers

OePhi Immanence 2 Loudspeakers

The Immanence 2 standmount speaker is an astonishing achievement from OePhi in compact loudspeaker design. This model incorporates the advanced technologies of the Immanence range, including a larger, high-performance ribbon tweeter paired with a PURIFI midrange...

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OePhi Immanence 2.5 Loudspeaker

OePhi Immanence 2.5 Loudspeakers

The Immanence 2.5 floorstanding speaker is OePhi’s final step before their Reference speaker and, as expected, what you get is pure clarity and performance. This speaker offers near reference-level performance without venturing into extreme price territories....

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