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Gold Note DS-1000 EVO

DS-1000 EVO LINE is the flagship DAC / Streamer from Gold Note. It's the most advanced streaming DAC ever created by the company using advanced technological solutions applied to the digital-to-analogue domain...

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Kalista Mantax

MANTAX is the latest DAC from Kalista. Perfectly pairing with the acclaimed Dreamplay X and embedding two DAC processor lines (AKM & ESS), tube and solid-state outputs as well as a new...

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AQWO 2 is the latest hybrid DAC, SACD / CD and streamer from Métronome. Delivering an emotional analogue experience through the use of superlative high-end DACs and circuitry is the Métronome trademark,...

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Gold Note A3 Evo II
A3 Evo II

The new A3 EVO II is a totally new design compared to the previous model, delivering a more powerful and detailed sound, with an unprecedented bass extension for this category of speakers....

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Gold Note A6 Evo II
A6 Evo II

The new A6 EVO II is a totally new design compared to the previous model. The EVO II is in fact capable of delivering more powerful, detailed sound, with an incredibly wider...

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The PSU-5 is the external power supply dedicated to the PH-5 phono stage. This is the ideal upgrade to enhance the performance of the Gold Note analogue system and deliver flawless vinyl...

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Gold Note IS-10

The IS-10 is the latest in Gold Note's all-in-one series of compact electronics. Beyond an integrated amplifier, the IS-10 is a complete high-end stereo system featuring a powerful 90W @ 8Ω (stereo)...

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QSA Power Jitter UK Plug
QSA Jitters

Take your listening experience to the next level. QSA provide a range of jitters to improve the soundstage and get every nuance out of your recordings. Hear everything exactly as it was...

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Golde Note Galileo Racks
Galileo Audio Rack

The Galileo rack design combines several different details that come from the best Gold Note turntables, offering both a great damping effect and a unique Italian design, that reminds one of architectural...

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Gold Note Vasari Shibata Cartridge
Vasari Shibata

Introducing the newest member of the Vasari family, the "Vasari Shibata". Designed, as the name suggests, by Mr Shibata in the 70s, this MM cartridge features a peculiar shape of stylus which...

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