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The Stillpoints Difference

True isolation does not have a direct path between surfaces. Stillpoints patented technology stacks bearings such that there is no direct contact between the component and the surface upon which it rests.

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Stillpoints Adapters

Stillpoints adapters provide a direct connection between your device and the Stillpoints Ultra 6, Ultra 5, Ultra SS or Base Products. Custom adapters are available where a drawing is created and then the adapter is scheduled...

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Stillpoints Aperture

The Stillpoints Aperture is the only acoustical product that will give you both absorption and diffusion at the first reflection points of a system. And you want both! Thoughtful placement can achieve wonderfully controlled bass frequencies...

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Stillpoints ESS Rack
Equipment Support

The ESS rack was designed to be an effective vibration isolating structure that looked appealing but did not overwhelm the look of what was placed on it. In fact, the original inspiration for the design was...

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Stillpoints Ultra 5

The Stillpoints Ultra range brings an array of isolation solutions for loudspeakers, electronics and your turntable. Manufactured to the most exacting of standards in the USA.

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