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Handling noise, naturally

Entreq offer a range of accessories designed to lower the noise floor. From cable lifters and AC wraps to Vibb eaters which absorb unwanted vibrations, turning them into heat. Everything is designed to make the signal path cleaner and bring clarity to your sound.


Entreq Vibb Eater
Vibb eaters

You cannot get rid of energy but simply convert it into another form. This is a fundamental law of physics. Vibb eaters convert unwanted energy into heat, as this is the least harmful energy to your...

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Entreq Everest
K2 & Everest

We have always used wooden caps on our binding posts, wood is totally neutral and adds no new capacity and in that sense it is perfect. The opposite in fact to using plastic and most metals,...

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Entreq Victoria Cable Lifters
Victoria Cable Lifters

Entreq Cable Lifters are designed from slim, non-magnetic material. These cable supports have specific spacing for Entreq cables, but can also be used with any other cables.

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Entreq Infinity AC Wraps
Infinity AC Wraps

In every cable that transports an alternating current, a magnetic field is created. The fields are strongest where the cables are plugged in and where there are any subsequent connections. Entreq Infinity AC Wraps offer stability...

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