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Consultation Services

The equipment and your space

Did you know that 70% of the distortion from a modern audio system is caused directly by its ‘voice-box’ – that is, the speaker system – and the way it interacts with the room in which it’s located?

Behind every great music or cinema system is an acoustic plan based on the size and shape of a room, and the position of the speakers.

Consulting with our partners, we can guide you through this critical process, maximising your investment and, of course, your musical pleasure.

Making room for music

If you’re planning a dedicated music room or home cinema, we can advise you on converting an existing space, constructing an entirely new facility from scratch, or even creating a ‘room within a room’.

Our job is to render the process an exciting and creative one, rather than a nerve-wracking ordeal. If you address your enquiry directly to us, we’ll connect you with the most appropriate partner in our network.

Commercial consultation

We can also work with interior designers on commercial consultations, from boutique stores and restaurants to public spaces and entertainment venues.

We are experienced in supplying analyses of room acoustics, advising on interior construction materials and working with architects, interior designers and clients to identify optimum solutions.

We are as familiar with the modern city loft conversion, the open-plan living space in concrete and glass, and the yawning void of a barn conversion. Each involves its own issues and can present dramatically different challenges.

Any questions?

Call us about our specialist services, and together we’ll set out on the thrilling journey towards acoustic perfection.

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