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Dramatic results in a tiny package

QSA fuses are a secret weapon in the arsenal of any audio aficionado. Quantum Science Audio have undertaken painstaking research to make a range of fuses and outlets that have to be experienced to be believed.

Quantum Science Audio Team Leader, Steven Tsang, says “The QSA brand uses the world’s only Musical Metal Molecule Alignment Technology (MMMAT) and Metal Active Technology (MAT). These produce a more efficient flow of electrons which allows for greater conductivity. The QSA technology removes Bottle-neck Distortions (BND), while independent studies have shown that our fuse technology improves the performance 70 to 80%, while the aftermarket AC power cord is only 20 to 30%.”

In the world of audio tweaks, we believe QSA fuses stand head and shoulders above other aftermarket fuses. In the ongoing quest to lower the noise floor, these fuses will become integral to your set up offering something akin to magic. They truly have to be heard to be believed.

QSA Fuse


QSA Fuses - Purple
QSA Home Audio Fuses

QSA fuses are an essential tweak to your audio set up. They dramatically reduce the noise floor in your system and independently verified studies suggest these fuses improve performance by 70% to 80% in comparison with...

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QSA Wall Sockets

Quantum Science Audio create a range of products essential in our quest to lower the noise floor in our audio. These wall sockets employ the same proprietary Musical Metal Molecule Alignment Technology (MMMAT) and Metal Active...

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