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Exceptional CD and SACD audio reproduction

The AQWO range from Métronome offers a world-class array of options for playback of your CDs and SACDs and now, with the introduction of AQWO 2, a high-end streamer included too.

Handcrafted in France from the very best components, the AQWO range is Métronome’s very best high-resolution audio equipment. Available now in the UK from our partners.

View the products below and experience the very best in CD audio reproduction.



AQWO 2 is the latest hybrid DAC, SACD / CD and streamer from Métronome. Delivering an emotional analogue experience through the use of superlative high-end DACs and circuitry is the Métronome trademark, and this latest iteration...

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Metronome AQWO


Like all DAC + CD hybrids, AQWO perpetuates the analogue quality of Metronome both for its playback function and digital-to-analogue conversion, with a number of inputs and outputs allowing it to be used with many sources....

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t|AQWO continues the tradition of Métronome high-end transports. Unlike its predecessors, it reads CDs as well as SACDs, but it also has features allowing it to up-sample and down-sample the tracks being played.

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Metronome cAQWO


c|AQWO is a highly sophisticated digital-to-analogue converter from Métronome. It retains the famous Métronome feature allowing you to choose your output mode (transistor or tube) at any time according to your listening preferences.

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