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Vibration isolation

The ESS rack was designed to be an effective vibration isolating structure that looked appealing but did not overwhelm the look of what was placed on it. In fact, the original inspiration for the design was a display rack assembly to which Stillpoints engineered its technology. The result is an open design that allows for ultimate ventilation, low mass for low energy storage, yet high strength for tremendous load-carrying capacity.


Stillpoints Ultra ESS Rack close up detail featuring a Stillpoints Ultra 6 V2

Ultra ESS Support

The brand new Ultra ESS support from Stillpoints represents a significant next step in the quest for true isolation for audio components and that most desired of attributes a true, stygian silence. A sleek, minimal design,...

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Stillpoints ESS Rack

ESS Rack

Stillpoints ESS Racks represent a new standard in audio component isolation. As visually striking as they are sonically effective, the ESS Racks provide your system with the solid foundation it needs to truly perform at its...

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Stillpoints Component Stand SS

Component Stand SS

After the success of the original component stand, Stillpoints has done over ten years of research and development before releasing the “NEW” Component Stand SS. The Component Stand SS is a great design that illustrates how...

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