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Avalon Acoustics' most prestigious speakers

The design of Avalon Signature loudspeakers is an affirmation of their commitment to Fidelity. Not a concept to be taken lightly, Fidelity is a vow of allegiance to the preservation of truth, without leaving any fingerprints. Each of the Signature designs is a work of art unique to itself, a portal into an exploration of musical history and self.


Avalon Acoustics ISIS

Isis Signature

ISIS is simply one of the most technologically advanced high-energy transducers ever created. The focused research of Avalon Acoustics over a period of four years has produced a range of advancements in each aspect of loudspeaker...

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Avalon Acoustics Saga


SAGA represents the synthesis of multi-year research into low noise circuitry, developed during the TESSERACT design project, and the high-resolution pinpoint focus of Isis. Avalon Acoustics’ in-depth research over a period of four years has produced...

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Avalon Acoustics Tesseract

Tesseract Signature

TESSERACT Signature represents the culmination of over 30 years of research into the subtleties of musical waveforms and the psychoacoustic perception of sounds in space. Our research into physical forms and how they react with ambient...

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A walkthrough of the new SAGA from Avalon Acoustics

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