Masterpiece Series

Vitus Audio

Supreme audio fidelity

The pinnacle of the Vitus Audio ranges of products, the Masterpiece series is to audio what a Patek Philippe Grand Complication is to chronography. Every component is carefully considered to create the most natural sound possible. These truly have to be experienced to be believed.


MP-T201 Mk.II CD Transport

MP-T201 Mk.II

The complexity of all the Masterpiece Series products has put the Vitus Audio engineering team to the test. The technology used in their Signature Series has been pushed to the extreme to satisfy customers’ expectations. All...

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MP-D201 Mk.III

The MP-D201 Mk.III DAC is typically Vitus. It’s heavy, impeccably constructed inside and out and features a generous deployment of metals and alloys within its semi-industrial design. The MP-D201 Mk.III is the supreme level of digital...

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MP-P201 Mk.III Phono stage

MP-P201 Mk.III

The MP-P201 Mk.III uses the same discrete gain stage modules developed for the MP-L201, however, it has been optimised for a much lower noise level. This is essential in order to keep a very high musical...

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The MP-I201 is likely the single most extreme integrated amplifier in existence. When Vitus Audio introduced the MP-S201 stereo/mono amplifier, people were asking – “will this be available as an integrated amplifier” to which the founder...

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MP-L201 Mk.II Line stage

MP-L201 Mk.II

The ultimate Vitus Audio Pre-amplifier. All of the true balanced discrete gainstages in the MP-L201 Mk.II are based on shielded modules, which incorporates a very high level of integration. Each module is moulded with special damping...

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MP-S201 Stereo Power Amplifier


When Vitus Audio floated the ideas and thoughts behind the MP-S201, “Mission Impossible” was the response from their audience. For the engineers at Vitus Audio, this is the kind of statement that brings out their passion...

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MP-M201 Mk.II

The Vitus Audio MP-M201 Mk.II Monaural Power Amplifier represents the true embodiment of the “cost is no object” culture of Vitus Audio as a manufacturer. Why? Because it’s the culmination of what the brand tries to...

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