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Ground Boxes, Ground Cables & Kits

Improved dynamics, a lower noise floor and a more natural flow to the sound

You can view the available range of Entreq ground boxes, Eartha Infinity ground cables and complete grounding kits below.

A clean and effective ground point is one of the most important factors in ensuring the best possible sonic platform for any HiFi system.

When you connect your system to an Entreq ground box, high-frequency voltages stay at the ground point instead of flowing around your system.


Entreq complete grounding kits

Complete Grounding Kits

Entreq complete grounding kits are the simplest way to start your journey to lowering the the noise floor in your system, electrically. There are four available kits to match a range of use cases.

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Entreq Ground Boxes

Ground Boxes

Entreq ground boxes work to lower the noise floor in your audio chain electrically. The mass of the ground box dictates its capacity to effectively ground any product. The basic rule is to multiply the effective...

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Entreq Ertha Infinity Ground Cables

Ertha Infinity Ground Cables

Ertha Infinity ground cables are designed to connect to Entreq ground boxes. The ground box draws the noise, magnetic fields and high frequency interference away from your sensitive audio products via these cables. Careful matching of...

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