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Gold Note Valore 425 Plus and Vasari Red Cartridge Offer

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Gold Note Valore 425 Plus Turntable and Cartridge offer

After the success of our Gold Note Winter Bundles offer last year we're stepping into Spring with another Gold Note bundle offer to take your audio experience up a level for 2022.

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Joe’s Garage

I can’t think of anything close to Joe’s Garage outside the Zappa catalogue. To describe it as a Rock Opera brings all sorts of slightly yukkie stuff to my mind so I...

Bayside – Obskur

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Bayside – Obskür

Obskür are a duo from Dublin who only started making music in 2019. Fausto Hailing and Lorcan McCarthy create house music and have enjoyed doing so since they were both around 13...

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Melody Gardot – Fancy a deep voyage with a storyteller?

Where to start with Melody? Firstly, her story is remarkable, but she clearly doesn’t want it to define her.  I completely get that and wonder that the horror of how, back in 2003,...

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Miss Shiney – Kaiit

Kaiit Bellamia Waup is a musician who was born in Papua New Guinea and grew up in both Papua New Guinea and Melbourne, Australia. Though she would do gigs all around Melbourne,...

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Thanks, George

August 5th 2013 was a sad day for music and a sad day for me too. The world lost George Duke and his passing meant that something special had ended. We all...