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Gold Note Winter Bundles

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It’s looking like a Gold Note Christmas!

This winter, we've put together a range of Gold Note Winter Bundles offering unmissable discounts on our favourite Gold Note products.

The Tree in Belize

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From Greensleeves to Help – the story of The Tree

A tiny seed fell to the ground in the Chiquibil jungle in The Greater Mayan Mountains in what is now Belize in Central America. That seed was strong and managed to take...

MĂ©tronome cAQWO

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POSTPONED: Rediscover your CDs with MĂ©tronome at the Audiobarn 26th and 27th November 2021

This November, The Audiobarn are hosting an event to showcase the stunning AQWO from French audiophile hi-fi company, MĂ©tronome. Rediscover Your CD's with MĂ©tronome is a rare opportunity to experience AQWO first-hand.

Entreq Olympus Minimus
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Lowering the Noise Floor

If you have a hi-fi system which is skipping a beat, sounds aggressive and fatiguing or simply isn’t as musically engaging or rewarding as you’d like it could be that you require...

Gotye - Like Drawing Blood

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‘Heart’s a mess’ and ‘Thanks for your time’ – Gotye

Gotye... also known as Wally De Backer is a Belgium musician who grew up in Melbourne, Australia. Though Gotye loved music from the get-go he began properly making music in 2001, his...

Acustica Applicata DaaD
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Acoustic Treatment Lowering the Noise Floor

Acoustic treatment is the most rewarding investment most listeners would ever make and something that will keep on giving, letting you hear the true nature of any new speaker, source, amplifier or...