Waversa Systems WSlim PRO Waversa Systems WSlim PRO
Waversa Systems Incredible functionality, tiny footprint
Waversa Systems Ultimate Series Waversa Systems Ultimate Series
Waversa Systems High-end audio, extreme noise isolation
Waversa Systems WAMP2.7 Waversa Systems WAMP2.7
Waversa Systems Mighty power with sleek styling

The Swiss Army Knife of Audio

Based in Korea, Waversa Systems are a natural addition to our roster of audiophile brands. offering something genuinely unique to the market. Since its founding in 2013, Waversa Systems has been offering a range of high-quality audio equipment and systems, including digital-to-analog converters, preamplifiers, amplifiers, and network players. However, the brand is relatively unknown in the west and we are now the exclusive distributors for the UK market.

What sets Waversa Systems apart is their use of network technology to connect their components together, enabling greater flexibility and ease of use in setting up and controlling a high-end audio system.

Not sure where to begin? Start with our Introduction to Waversa then move onto Understanding Waversa

An introduction to Waversa
Understanding Waversa


Waversa Systems WSlim Series

WSlim Series

The products in the WSlim series represent a distillation of the Waversa core technologies and performance in a compact, space-saving chassis. The whole Waversaverse in a box.

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Waversa Systems Core Series

Core Series

A lift in performance from the WSlim Series allowing you to integrate Waversa technology into your existing audio system.

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Waversa Systems 3 Series

3 Series

A range of products representing a step up in performance from the Core series. The 3 Series includes the astonishing WAMP 2.7, their flagship integrated digital amplifier.

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Waversa Systems Ultimate Series

Ultimate Series

Featuring the very best components, the most power and the lowest noise floor, Waversa System’s Ultimate Series is a breathtaking range of products that will transform you listening experience forever.

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Waversa Noise Isolators

Noise Isolators

Mitigate ultra-high-frequency noise in your system. Utilising military-based technology, these modules form an electro-magnetic field to remove RFI noise from the cable as well as noise generated from the digital signal line itself.

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Waversa Systems WVSHIELD USB2 Cable


The Waversa Systems take on high-end audio cabling is as precise as every other product in their range. All made by hand, the cables feature VSHIELD copper shielding technology to completely block external noise along with...

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Waversa Systems WLPS H/P Power Supply

Power Supplies

Waversa Systems power supplies offer exceptionally quiet power. Connect multiple Waversa products to a single power source and other products with the appropriate adaptors.

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