Acustica Applicata

Acustica Applicata

Established in 1992 by Audiophiles

Acustica Applicata was established in 1992 by a group of audiophiles.

They fundamentally design and build modular “acoustic traps” for the lower and medium frequencies and have also developed a software based system for the analysis of reproduced sound quality.

The correct setup of the loudspeakers and a good acoustic treatment of the listening environment is a must to get the absolute best out of any Hi-Fi or Home cinema system.

The Acustica Applicata Sound Analyser

This is one of the most useful and effective tools in determining the correct loudspeaker listening position for any Hi-Fi or Home Cinema system. Being extremely easy to use, accurate and reliable, it will allow you to investigate musical articulation, tonal balance and sound focusing in your home environment.

Transform your personal computer into a graphic recorder, you will then be shown a visualization of any type of audio signal with immediate RT60 measurements.

With Audio Quality Test (AQT), developed by Acustica Applicata, you can analyze the real acoustic performance of a listening room from 20 to 2.000 Hz. Specify your room sizes and the software calculates and plots the distribution of fundamental room modes and following harmonics.

A truly powerful tool for anyone who would like to increase the performance of their system.

Technical specifications

-Displays the true behaviour of room resonances.
-Unveils the frequency ranges where compression and cancelling are located.
-Graphically shows the articulation for both music and speech between 20 and 2.000 Hz.
-Automatically measures and shows the mean articulation of listening environments.
-Analyzes the behaviour of frequency ranges and single tones.
-Draws on screen the shape of the tonal balance.
-Graphical recorder with sliding paper.
-Real time display of RMS and peak value of Sound Pressure Level
-Immediate RT60 measurement for both large band signals and single frequencies.
-Software emulated standard “A”, “C” audio filters, working in real-time.
-Different integrating time constants: slow, fast, impulse, AQT, reverb.
-Overload and realtime indicators.
-The graphscan be printed on paper to an exact scale (from 100 mm/s to 1 mm/s).
-The graphs can be freely zoomed and panned.

Audio Quality Test analysis

-Playback of the AQT test signal from both the CD player or from a wave file.
-Real-time recording of the signal at the listening position, with RMS conversion.
-Automatic “one button” AQT analysis.
-Up to 4 tracks simultaneously on screen and on print to make the comparisons easy.
-Single burst analysis to display the behavior of resonances at specific frequencies and to measure the RT60 for single burst.


Acustica Applicata DaaD


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