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Loudspeakers handmade in Germany

The centrepiece of Tidal’s formidable reputation started with the quality of their handmade loudspeakers. They are not designed to be manufactured easily and conveniently in large numbers on an automated production line. Every pair are made to exacting standards by skilled craftsmen.


Tidal Audio - Piano

Piano G2

TIDAL’s Piano G2 is a 2 way premium floorstander featuring a diamond Accuton tweeter and dual 7 inch Accuton midrange woofers. The Piano is made from TIDAL’s proprietary cabinet material “TIRADUR”. This unique design combines supreme...

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Tidal Audio - Contriva

Contriva G2

The all new successor of the highly praised TIDAL Contriva Diacera SE. Introducing the Contriva G2, Tidal have totally overhauled this exquisite speaker however as with most iconic classics, improving does not always mean changing. In...

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Tidal Audio - Agoria


The Agoria – TIDAL’s offering for a full size class leading reference speaker. Agoria is the first speaker in the TIDAL range with a cabinet made out of TIRALIT™, an exclusive TIDAL cabinet material which combines...

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Tidal Audio - Sunray


The G2 revision of the Sunray offers up a completely new speaker from the inside, whilst still retaining the iconic and unique outer design with subtle aesthetic improvements. The G2 Sunray now features completely new developed...

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Tidal Audio - Akira


TIDAL Akira. The worldwide, universally acclaimed smaller sibling of the mighty TIDAL La Assoluta. Featuring three 190mm aluminum honeycomb woofers mounted vertically on the front baffle, each clamped from behind with a ring of polished stainless...

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Tidal Audio - La Assoluta

La Assoluta

An encounter with the TIDAL La Assoluta is an impressive experience. The sheer size and scale alone of this huge speaker is enough to leave you speechless. Standing over 7ft tall and weighing in at half...

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Tidal - Reference Series

Reference Series

TIDAL Reference cables. Built to the same exacting standards as the rest of the TIDAL range, utilising only the best materials and components. Various lengths are available in Digital, XLR, RCA, Power and of course speaker...

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Tidal - Assoluta Cables

Assoluta Series

The Assoluta range of cables are specifically designed to achieve the ultimate sonic performance from TIDAL’s namesake La Assoluta speakers and monaural amplifiers. Featuring pure solid silver conductors and utilising only the best materials available. Designed...

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