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Meticulous craftsmanship, technical sophistication, and Italian flair

It is the city of Florence, that historic pinnacle of achievement in art and science, which provided the inspiration for Gold Note’s creation of world-beating audio systems. Says Maurizio Aterini, ‘We strive to emulate a fusion of past and future’ – the meticulous craftsmanship associated with Renaissance Italy, and the technical sophistication of the most recent advances in audio engineering. 
Every aspect of a Gold Note product, be it amplifier, turntable or speaker, is conceived and manufactured in Italy with that nation’s legendary passion for creativity. 

The brand has been succinctly described as superb design, technology and performance in a beautifully-sleek package.


Gold Note Turntables


Beautifully designed turntables offering clarity, faithful reproduction and an unmistakably Italian design aesthetic. View the full range available from Airt.

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Gold Note Cartridges


Gold Note offer a range of cartridges to suit any system including reference level types. Incredible reproduction that will introduce you to aspects of your favourite records you hadn't heard before.

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Gold Note Phono Stages

Phono Stages

An essential part of the audio chain, Gold Note Phono Stages use exceptional components to bring your phono signal to life. The design benefits from a distinctly Italian touch.

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Gold Note Amplifiers


Gold Note amplifiers set a standard in power and quality. The range includes integrated amps, stereo and monoblock amps, all with unique qualities that when used in the right setting will help bring your music to...

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Gold Note DACs Streamers and Preamplifiers

DAC, Streamer & Preamplifiers

Get complete control of your digital sources and experience incredible sonics with the Gold Note range of DACs, Streamers and Preamplifiers.

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Gold Note CD Players

CD Players

Gold Note present CD transport in two beautifully designed versions. Featuring superior components and trademark Italian style. Discover the difference a high-end CD player from Gold Note can make and breathe new life into your CD...

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Gold Note Power Supplies

Power Supplies

Power introduces noise to the signal path. Gold Note power supply units offer incredible power to your system and condition the AC to reduce noise.

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Gold Note Speakers


Gold Note speakers come in a range of sizes and finishes to complement other components in your system. Experience an incredible sound profile to suit your tastes and audio environment.

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Golde Note Galileo Racks

Galileo Audio Rack

The Galileo rack design combines several different details that come from the best Gold Note turntables, offering both a great damping effect and a unique Italian design, that reminds one of architectural elements of the Italian...

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