Waversa Systems WSmartHub 3.0 Waversa Systems WSmartHub 3.0
WSmartHub 3.0 The centre of your digital system
Waversa Systems WDAC3C Waversa Systems WDAC3C
WDAC3C Exceptional digital performance
Waversa Systems WPhono LITE Waversa Systems WPhono LITE
WPhono LITE Small but mighty

Introduction to Core Series

A lift in performance from the WSlim Series allowing you to integrate Waversa technology into your existing audio system.


Waversa Systems WPhono LITE front.


Waversa Systems WPhono LITE features a switchable moving magnet / moving coil phono stage including cartridge presets with impedance and gain adjustment based on a fully balanced analogue design. Surface noise and excess feedback from vinyl...

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Waversa Systems WCORE 2.0


Ultra-quiet Roon core server. Waversa Custom Linux for Small Size and Convenient Updates: Fully optimised for network play functionality without noise occurrence. Operates on noiseless battery power with a 2-bank Battery Management System for uninterrupted operation....

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Waversa Systems WSmartHUB 3.0

WSmartHub 3.0

The perfect solution for preventing streaming noise. The WSmartHub 3.0 features a lithium-ion battery with OCXO clock system, 4 x gigabit Ethernet switch operated with battery power and OCXO clock, 4 bank Waversa custom Battery Management...

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Typifying the Waversa ethos of each product being a swiss-army knife of functionality, the WDAC3C can quite simply be the digital heart of your system. How much or how little you use of the WDAC3C's functionality...

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Waversa Systems WPhono 1

WPhono 1 Mk2

The WPhono1 Mk2 is a phono stage with dedicated moving magnet and moving coil inputs. It features adjustable impedance and capacitance, per input, and RIAA active global feedback equalisation. In addition, this unit features a discrete,...

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Waversa Systems WStreamer V2

WStreamer V2

Waversa Systems WStreamer V2 is an incredibly compact yet mighty powerful network streamer. Featuring both a USB and Digital RCA output, ethernet port and boasting Roon Ready status, DLNA and AirPlay. All bases are covered in...

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WBridge Standard

The WBridge serves as a digital hub, creating a unified interface to connect all digital sources available on the market, both for input and output. It also has the capability to transfer these digital signals via...

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Waversa Systems WCDT


A combination of advanced IT technology with a traditional CD player. This unit incorporates Redbook CD Playback and FM Tuner, Mechanical Noiseless Playback with Memory Playback for CD, Simultaneous CD Playback and Ripping Support and automatic...

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Waversa Systems WROUTER


Highly capable network router from Waversa Systems

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