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Where music comes first

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Where music comes first

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Where music comes first

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Where music comes first

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Where music comes first

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Where music comes first

Our brand, ethos and values

Educational, unconventional, aspirational

Our brand is important to us, it is at the heart of everything we do.

At the core of Airt’s offering is a combination of vast expertise and strong relationships forged with many exceptional specialist brands. This enables the company to operate in an educational capacity. Extolling the virtues of LTNF for example, or knowing exactly how to put some of the very best Hi-Fi combinations together. Airt offer the best advice, and instil trust in the customer as well as the retailer.

Airt remain open to trying new and unconventional things. The company’s success – and much of the fun – lies in developing new ways of doing things. Here are several examples of products the brand represents: Seawave Acoustic (a unique South Korean speaker brand), QSA Fuses (unconventional – new detail and new processes), Entreq (unconventional – the godfathers of grounding).

Not only do we deal with aspirational products but we are also here to help our clients realise their individual aspirations. We listen, guide and support each client on their particular journey
of discovery.
Whether you are a brand, manufacturer, dealer, or consumer, Airt’s aspiration is to be THE people to approach for the best advice and information on specialist audio.

Vitus Audio Amplifiers

Inclusivity, trust, commitment

Airt believe the very best music systems should help the listener to explore new music, even appreciate music genres that they had previously ignored or even actively disliked. Ultimately, a wonderful music system should be (in the brand’s opinion) inclusive, making all music accessible, rather than exclusive.

Airt remain steadfast in their belief in the LTNF principle whether understood, accepted, or ridiculed.

Airt thrive in working relationships that are built on transparency and mutual respect – constructively challenging each other to grow. This method of working applies to partners and clients alike.

Airt’s strong relationships with people along all touch points in the supply chain would be nothing without complete trust at the core. The brands extensive knowledge, coupled with the great lengths
it goes to in making sure clients are happy instills trust and confidence.

Tidal Audio Amplifiers

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