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CDs are still alive and kicking

Gold Note presents CD players in two beautifully designed versions. Featuring superior components and trademark Italian style. Discover the difference a high-end CD player from Gold Note can make and breathe new life into your CD collection.


Gold Note CD-1000 MkII CD Player
CD-1000 Mk II

The CD-1000 MkII proves that CDs are still alive and kicking. Housed in a beautiful brushed aluminium chassis, the CD-1000 MkII is made of high-quality components providing great audio performances and versatile functions; playing your CD...

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Gold Note CD-1000 MkII Deluxe CD Player
CD-1000 Mk II Deluxe

Powered by a Gold Note Dual-Mono power supply, with two encapsulated toroidal transformers custom made in Italy, it guarantees an ultra low dispersion to achieve a top-quality performance. The high-quality D/A conversion is entrusted to the...

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