Vitus Audio Reference Series Vitus Reference

Reference Series

Expressivity, emotion and finesse

The Vitus Audio Reference Series offers an entry point to the world of high-end audio. Each of the products offers expressivity, emotion and finesse but always aims to make the reproduction of sound as natural and close to the original recording as possible.


Vitus Audio RI-101 Mk II
RI-101 Mk II

Expression, emotion, finesse. Three words that best describe the essence of the RI-101 MKII Integrated Amplifier. Have every confidence in the musical abilities of the RI-101 Integrated Amplifier. Your musical masterpieces are in the best hands....

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Vitus Audio RL-102 Line Stage

Upgrading from an integrated amplifier to a combination of a line stage with one or more power amplifiers is like shifting to the next gear. The RL-102 is a line stage preamplifier with three sets of...

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Vitus Audio RS-101

Do not be fooled by the identical specifications of this stereo power amplifier to its predecessor, the RS-100. The RS-100 was based on the multi-award-winning RI-100 and the RS-101 is based on the new and seriously...

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Vitus Audio RD-101

Vitus Audio’s engineers took advantage of the cutting edge technology used in the SCD-025 mkII to create this DAC / Streamer. Thanks to the praised efforts of their continuous research, they were able to fit all...

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Vitus Audio RP-102

Do you love vinyl? Vitus Audio allows you to take your passion for the ‘black’ gold to an unprecedented level with the RP-102 Phono Stage, one of the latest additions to the Vitus Audio Reference Series....

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