Waversa Systems WLPS H/P Power Supply Waversa Systems WLPS H/P Power Supply

Waversa Systems Power Supplies

Introduction to Waversa Systems Power Supplies

Waversa Systems power supplies offer exceptionally quiet power. Connect multiple Waversa products to a single power source and other products with the appropriate adaptors.


Waversa Systems WLPS H/P


The electricity from your mains supply is the first point at which you can start to tackle noise in your audio chain. The WLPS H/P from Waversa Systems is an ultra low-noise linear mixed power supply....

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Waversa WVSHEILD CD5521 Cable


The Waversa Systems WVShield DC5521 is an audio-grade DC Power cable with VSHIELD technology. Suitable for use with the Waversa Systems WLPS H/P power supply and any other Waversa products. It utilises custom high quality aluminium...

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