Kalista DreamPlay Twenty-Twenty Kalista DreamPlay Twenty-Twenty


Handcrafted in Tarn, France

Kalista was born in the early 2000’s in the workshop of Metronome Technologie. The aim was quite simply to create audiophile-grade equipment with stunning design aesthetics and exceptional sound performance.

Everything at Kalista is made in France. From conception to manufacturing (including the electronic boards – made by hand in their workshop) through to rigorous audio testing and quality control. Every aspect of a Kalista product is carefully considered and the result is timeless equipment that not only looks incredible but offers audio reproduction that will leave you breathless.

Kalista DreamPlay ONE


Kalista Dreamplay Collection

Kalista Dreamplay products feature a design aesthetic unique to the world of high-end audio. The tripod design of each product takes centre stage in your system and with all aspects of each unit, from the electronics...

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