X Colour by Redlight

X Colour by Redlight

Redlight (Hugh Pescod) is a 41-year-old DJ from Bristol. Being brought up in Bristol during the ’90s, rave culture may be to thank for his musical creations today, as well as his ‘who gives a fuck anyway’ attitude.

Releasing music since 2009, Redlight finally got into the UK top 10 in 2012 with his song “Lost in Your Love”, he’s been constantly creating electronic music his whole life, experimenting and changing as he goes. This album is a perfect representation of his knowledge, experience and personality.

This is an album I found as a teenager and have continued to love in my early twenties. Every song on this album is completely unique to one another, which can sometimes be hard to find in an electronic album.

You have a great variety of electronic sounds all in one place, the ones you listen to for a really good ‘let yourself go, sing along’ and the ones you listen to for the times you just need to let off some intense steam.

X Colour as a whole is a fun listen, it’s nothing you have to think too hard about. You can “just
enjoy it”. it’s the perfect mid-summer party album. That being said the final song on this album is in another league to the rest.

I won’t lie this album might not be for everyone, but it’s fun and free.

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