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Waversa Systems was formulated over a decade ago to take advantage of the advancements in IT technology in the 21st century. Seeing the potential inherent in digital systems, they looked at every aspect of the digital signal path and reimagined it from the ground up. This has led them to develop proprietary systems tackling every form of digital noise inherent or added to a music file as it passes through audio components. Examples of this technology include;

  • Patented isolators which eliminate harmful impulse noise
  • Waversa Audio Processor (WAP) – operating at 32 bits which has a multiplier effect
  • Waversa Audio Processor Extension (WAP/X) – restoring digital file harmonics lost in the quantisation process
  • Battery Management System (BMS) – providing ultra clean power to network and audio circuits
  • Waversa Network Direct Renderer (WNDR) – offering superior frequency extension and signal quality
  • Parallel Bridge Tied Load (PBTL) – pure digital amplifier modules

We believe the sum of the technology results in a significant step forward for digital music replay systems and offers a new level of enjoyment for audio enthusiasts. It is our hope that once you have had the opportunity to experience Waversa Systems, you too will appreciate the efforts formulated to drive the whole industry forward. Putting musical integrity first.

About Waversa

Waversa systems is the brainchild of Collin Shin. An avid music enthusiast and lover of tubes, Collin’s ambition was to bring the naturalness of the analogue tube sound to the digital replay domain through the power of emerging technologies and a host of ideas he had to improve upon these.

Assembling a talented team with extensive experience in digital systems from eminent South Korean companies, Waversa Systems was formed with the ambition to create digital replay systems with 21st century technology and leverage the industrial might of South Korea to realise these ambitions.

Working toward clear goals to resolve important challenges of digital replay, Collin and the team have built up a broad range of proprietary technologies to achieve this goal through painstaking R&D over a decade in the making. With the newly patented isolator devices miniaturised to fit on circuit boards, Waversa Systems has achieved these design goals and we are very pleased to share these developments with our fellow music enthusiasts.

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