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Power Amplifiers

Refined tube amplifiers

Years of refinement by the team at VTL have created a range of all-tube power amplifiers that offer unparalleled clarity, musicality and stability under even the most demanding of loads.

Stereo Amplifiers

VTL ST-85 Stereo Power Amplifier
ST-85 Stereo Amplifier

This compact Stereo amplifier, using 4 EL34 tubes, delivers a solid 60 watts per channel and offers a full measure of the “VTL sound,” but at a real world price. Using the classic workhorse tube that...

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VTL ST-150 Stereo Power Amplifier
ST-150 Stereo Amplifier

Over 150 watts per channel (300 watts of stereo power), this stereo amplifier offers superb musical clarity and plenty of power in one compact chassis. Utilizing the finest quality parts, and entirely hand built by experienced...

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VTL S-200 Stereo Power Amplifier
S-200 Signature Stereo Amplifier

VTL’s legendary Signature series has long been valued by music lovers who seek outstanding sound at a fair price. The new S-200 takes that proposition to a new level by including VTL’s latest technology in a...

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VTL S-400 Series II Stereo Power Amplifier
S-400 Series II Reference Stereo Amplifier

Since its introduction in 2004, VTL’s S-400 Stereo Reference amplifier has been valued by music lovers around the world as a high power, high performance tube amplifier–renowned for its ease of use and refined, natural depiction...

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Monoblock Amplifiers

VTL MB-15 Monoblock Power Amplifier
MB-125 Monoblock

Years of refinement have produced an amplifier of unparalleled clarity and musicality at its price. These space efficient monoblocks, sold in single monoblocks or in pairs, are an excellent choice for the two-channel as well as...

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VTL MB-185 Series III Monoblock Power Amplifier
MB-185 Series III Signature Monoblock

Following the footsteps of the MB-450 Series III, the MB-185 Series III Signature monoblock has gone through the same technological improvements as its bigger brother. The upgrade to the Series III platform is extensive with a...

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VTL MB-450 Series III Monoblock Power Amplifier
MB-450 Series III Signature Monoblock

Music lovers have long admired the VTL MB-450 Signature monoblock amplifier for outstanding performance at a fair value. The new Series III version of the long-standing MB-450 platform features a complete re-working of the entire signal...

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VTL Siegfried Series II Monoblock Power Amplifier
Siegfried Series II Reference Monoblock

Since its introduction in 2003, VTL’s Siegfried Reference monoblock amplifier has been recognized as the leader in the world of high power, high performance amplifiers, both for ease of use and musicality. Known as the first...

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