Vitus Audio event at Soundstage Hi-Fi exceeds expectations

Vitus Audio have been making essential audiophile equipment since 2004. Their reputation is for making precise components with incredible attention to detail and sound reproduction that consistently delivers with zero listening fatigue. Their products are also remarkably stylish with a minimal aesthetic that draws from the contemporary nordic tradition but with a distinct edge that is uniquely Vitus. Experiencing these products in person is a must for anyone with more than a passing interest in audio, and this past weekend we had the opportunity to share the Vitus Audio sound with a select group in the fabulous Soundstage Hi-Fi on Cockfosters Road, London.

Alex from Soundstage said, “When Glen and Fraser brought the system to us a few days before the weekend we could tell we were in for something special, a few hours later when everything was set up we were confident we were right, by Friday afternoon, after several hours of tweaking, it was confirmed.”

Excellent feedback

The event was received exactly as we hoped, a positive experience for all involved and a musical presentation to be remembered.

Everyone was blown away by the main system

The main system comprised of the Vitus Audio Masterpiece MP-L201 Pre-amplifier feeding into two Signature Series SM-103 Mono Power amplifiers accompanied by the astonishing Avalon Acoustics PM 3.2 loudspeakers, a Stillpoints ESS equipment support, a Métronome DSC streamer and Entreq cabling throughout. Alex said “Everyone was blown away by the main system… several of our existing customers that visited said it was some of the best sounding equipment they’d ever heard.” We consider this set up one of the finest available and it’s a pleasure to be able to share it with fellow audiophiles.

Whilst the main system was the star of the show, the second, no less impressive system in the lineup comprised of the Vitus Audio SIA-025 integrated amplifier paired with Avalon Acoustics PM 1.2’s, a Gold Note DS-1000 and Entreq cabling and grounding. “It shared a lot of the character of the reference system but, at around £50,000, it came in at just 1/5 of the cost.” said Alex “It was really interesting to see people’s reaction to the smaller system”.

High quality, entry level

Also drawing a lot of attention was the third system, the star of which was the entry-level Vitus Audio RI-101 Mk.II integrated amplifier from their Reference Series paired with a Gold Note DS-10 all playing through YG Acoustics loudspeakers for a different flavour. It feels unfair to call any of this system entry level as the detail and performance is simply stellar.

The hosts, Alex and Dean, provided exceptional food and wine – essential companions to any worthwhile listening experience – but most importantly, a wide range of amazing music from the Soundstage playlist and from customer recommendations. It’s always a joy to hear something new and it’s especially gratifying when the reproduction is as incredible as that on display at the event.

Future demos

We leave the last word to Alex and Dean;

“We look forward to welcoming lots of those that attended back for further demonstrations and also installing their new purchases from the event. For those that couldn’t make it, it’s not too late to book your own private demonstration and experiencing what all the fuss is about.”

Private demonstrations can be booked with Soundstage direct and if you happen to be in London, Soundstage Hi-Fi is an impeccably presented shop with an exceptionally knowledgable team in Alex and Dean, so be sure to pay them a visit!

We look forward to hosting more events with the team at Soundstage Hi-Fi in the future.


Address details:

Soundstage Hi-Fi
8 Heddon Court Parade,
Cockfosters Rd,
London, EN4 ODB

Phone: 020 8440 9509

Email: and

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