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The new Stillpoints Ultra ESS has landed

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The Ultra ESS is the new benchmark in component support from Stillpoints. At Airt, we’ve long been huge supporters of the Stillpoints approach to isolation. The V2 technology found across their range of Ultra isolators represents, for us, the pinnacle when it comes to mechanically lowering the noise floor.
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Performance boost

If the original ESS support is a work of art in support design for the audiophile, the Ultra ESS is quite frankly a masterpiece. This new support features the same modular approach as its predecessor and uses many of the same components –  the X Grids, Rail Grids and Acrylic shelves – from the first iteration. This means that the existing elements from your current Stillpoints ESS support can be transposed into your new Ultra ESS support. This offers current ESS support owners the ability to upgrade their performance while retaining a familiar form-factor and design.

As a mechanical system, the Stillpoints Ultra ESS rack is a joy to set up with ease and micro millimetre precision. It gives confidence that once set up, it will remain that way for consistent performance that will not change with temperature, humidity or over time… Every interface is a solid mechanical connection that cannot go out of adjustment, ever.

Paul Soor – hi-fi+

With the Ultra ESS, the most striking advancement in the design comes in the form of the support masts. The new twin support masts come with Ultra 7 V2 isolators as standard. The Ultra 7 V2s offer the ultimate interface between the support and the surface which they are placed. We have been using Ultra 7 V2s on loudspeakers since their inception and find them to be incredible performers.

There is a common theme with all the music I’m enjoying with the new Ultra ESS. A new level of detail and understanding… I continue to be blown away by how a bass guitar, a damped kick drum, a cello, brass instruments and more are now so clearly separated, on display with full colour, 3D and texture yet integrated with artistry and beauty I haven’t experienced before from an audio system. It’s both astonishing and moving.

Paul Soor – hi-fi+

Critical acclaim

The Ultra ESS had its debut in our room at the High End show, Munich in 2023. It featured alongside the European launch of the ISIS Signature loudspeakers from Avalon Acoustics. This room was received to great critical acclaim. You can find a list of our approved Stillpoints ESS retailers on the Ultra ESS product page.

We have been using the Ultra ESS at Airt for the last 6 months and can safely say it offers unparalleled isolation and performance for components placed within the unit. When paired with Stillpoints Ultra isolation components – especially the Ultra 6 V2 on Rail Grids – the natural dynamics and silence achieved between the notes makes for an unparalleled musical experience.

Hi-Fi+ Review – March 2024

The Ultra ESS has received an exceptional review from Paul Soor in issue 229 of Hi-Fi+. Testing all aspects of the support, Paul found the Ultra ESS to reveal new detail in much loved and often played recordings as well as unexpected life in recordings that had, until the introduction of this support, been experienced as ‘tonally dull’.

With the lowered noise floor, greater resolution was liberated – another Stillpoints attribute – and the piece now made perfect sense. The piece took on a new musical brightness where the close concentration of sounds was something to behold.

Paul Soor – hi-fi+

You can download and read the full review here. Or pick up a physical copy of issue 299 of Hi-Fi+ magazine here.

We leave the final word on this groundbreaking component support to Paul Soor himself;

This is amongst the most significant upgrades I’ve ever experienced. The Stillpoints Ultra ESS rack with Rail Grids and V2 technology is an essential foundation product for high-end audio systems.

Paul Soor – hi-fi+

Stillpoints Ultra ESS equipment support

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