Gold Note CD-10, T5 and IS-10

The New CD-10, T-5 Turntable, and IS-10 from Gold Note

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Gold Note have been on a run of form over the last few months releasing a new turntable, the T-5, a game-changing, all-in-one integrated amplifier in the form of the IS-10, the phenomenal PH-5 phono stage and accompanying PSU-5 power supply plus the latest addition to complement the other components in their 10 series, the CD-10.

Kudos to Maurizio and the team for creating a truly covetable line-up! Below we present a round up of each of these stunning components;

Introducing the latest creation from Gold Note – the CD-10

Completing the electronics line-up for Gold Note’s 10 Series, the new CD-10 is the perfect CD source for a compact but high-performance system. Available in an elegant brushed aluminium chassis in three colourways; Black, Gold or Silver.

As with the other products in the 10 series, Gold Note have managed to pack an incredible amount of performance into a super-small chassis. Expect amazing sound quality, advanced features, and versatility as standard from this handcrafted CD player.

Gold Note CD-10

Touchscreen display

The front panel features an ultra-clear and easy-to-read touch display showing all relevant playback information as well as playback controls. The multifunction Gold Note remote control is included and the Gold Note Single Knob Control rotary knob on the front of the panel can also be used to control the unit.

High-end CD mechanism

The CD mechanism is made in Austria by Stream Unlimited, a design specifically developed for high-performance audio applications.

Extremely precise, it extracts the most information from the CD to ensure the highest degree of fidelity, dynamics and musicality.

High-resolution D/A

The D/A conversion is managed by the incredible AK4493, a phenomenal converter made in Japan by AKM.

The AK4493 is the DAC of choice for the special alchemy it shows when matched with Gold Note’s discrete component designs, resulting in pure audiophile joy.

Digital inputs and outputs

Equipped with no less than two digital inputs (COAX, TOS), the CD-10 also works as a high-quality DAC, taking full advantage of the musicality of the converter and the analogue stage.

Add two digital outputs (COAX, TOS) as well as balanced and unbalanced analogue outputs and you’ve got yourself an extremely versatile source.


External power supply

In line with their modular philosophy, the CD-10 can also be upgraded with addition of the PSU-10 EVO external power supply. Featuring a dual choke inductive filter to deliver an optimal and clean reserve of current to get the absolute best performance out of your CD-10.

View the full specs of the CD-10 on our product page.

T-5 Belt-drive Turntable

Another recent addition to the Gold Note analogue cannon, the T-5 is a compact, practical and smart turntable. It’s a sleek turntable with signature Italian elegance at an attractive price point, serving as a great entry turntable for high-end analogue reproduction.

It features a 15mm thick platter made of ultra-clear glass, a high quality material that provides the right density and structure to extract fine details from the groove while minimising noise.

The platter is matched with an inverted bearing, an neat solution to increase the stability of the platter while also ensuring frictionless rotation.

The plinth is 23mm thick and made of HDF and further refined by removing material in strategic points (around the motor, the bearing and the edges) to create a shape that minimises resonance by breaking the transmission pattern of vibrations.

Available with an elegant black lacquer finish, it comes with Gold Note’s acclaimed B-5.2 tonearm and a removable dust cover in transparent acrylic.

See the T-5 product page for full details.

IS-10 Streaming Integrated Amplifier

When the IS-10 was released last year, it really got people talking. Gold Note have packed an absolute powerhouse of a system into an extremely modest chassis. Designed with apartment life in mind, the IS-10 has a small footprint so those without dedicated listening rooms can experience the ‘Italian sound’ regardless of the floorspace available.

The IS-10 is an all-in-one – a complete high-end stereo system – featuring a powerful 90W @ 8Ω (stereo) integrated amplifier, a D/A converter with high-resolution streaming (supporting up to PCM 32bit/384kHz and DSD256) and an audiophile headphone preamp with a 6.3 mm connection to drive any type of headphones. It’s Fully Roon Ready, it’s compatible with Tidal, Tidal Connect, MQA, Qobuz, Spotify and Deezer (via LAN, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth).

In addition, the IS-10 works also as a monoblock when matched with a PA-10 EVO power amplifier, increasing the power output to 280W @ 8Ω/4Ω.

It really does pretty much everything you need!

Jason Kennedy and Trevor Butler took an in depth look at the IS-10 for TheEarOnline, watch their review below;

See the IS-10 product page for full details.

PH-5 Phono Stage and PSU-5 Power Supply

This pairing takes your analogue audio experience to a new level. Again, both chassis have a small footprint but the technology and attention to detail is incredible. It became a sell-out product upon launch back in 2023 and for good reason. Performance of this level, at this price point, is difficult to achieve, but Gold Note have created something quite spectacular.

The PH-5 is the finest sub £1,000 phono stage to have passed through my system in all the time I have been a reviewer

Chris Kelly – hi-fi+

Read the full review from Chris Kelly on hi-fi+ and see the full specs for the PH-5 on our product page.

We’re excited to see what comes next from Gold Note. They continue to produce some of the very finest high-end audio equipment from their facility in Florence. The attention to detail and the sonic performance combine to create pieces that delight, time and again. We urge you to visit our Gold Note partners and experience “Il suono Italiano” for yourself!

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