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The New A6 EVO II and A3 EVO II Loudspeakers

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The new and improved A6 EVO II and A3 EVO II loudspeakers are officially here. Gold Note has been working hard to bring the world of hi-fi some magnificently special pieces of equipment. After both the A6 EVO I and A3 EVO I being discontinued in May of this year, we have been patiently waiting for that loudspeaker shaped hole in our hearts to be filled once again. 

The A3 EVO II model provides you with a more compact loudspeaker without the loss of immaculate sound design or outstandingly modern looks. While the A6 EVO II model is tall, slim and creates a powerfully smooth sound. Which, of course, is all done in a contemporary Italian style that only adds to the elegance of the equipment.

Both of these products are truly setting standards to a new high. Not only are you getting a remarkably high-quality Walnut finish, Handcrafted by the best Italian wood-makers. Designed in the classic diamond shape, helping to create a greater dynamic response.

With designs such as silk dome tweeters securing high frequencies far above 20kHz, and tremendous magnets controlling power to ensure an extended bass response. You’re also receiving the incredible sound quality that Gold Note is known for. 

Sound intriguing? If so, we highly suggest arranging a demo at your local Gold Note dealer and keep an eye out for the upcoming reviews.

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