Redlight - Ride or Die

Ride or Die by Redlight

Posted on Posted in  The Music Corner

Want to feel your soul leave your body? Nice. Listen to this. Listen to it with the volume all the way up. This electronic sound, though simple, is immense. You really need to allow yourself to become immersed in it.

The beginning is where it is really strong. Constant taps throughout give you some sort of anticipation. The first major deep beat comes in as the rest of the background sound is isolated you can almost feel yourself being completely isolated too (I said get yourself immersed, didn’t I? if you’re not feeling what I’m feeling you’re doing something wrong.) The use of very quiet chatter in the background adds to the immersion, really making you lose yourself in the sound.

That beat becomes slightly muted and more and more echoey, the background noise is gone completely and with that your heart rate rises. The comedowns and climaxes in this song almost give you an adrenalin rush. This song for me is the feeling of driving at 120 MPH without actually driving 120 MPH.

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