Lotus HiFi

A well balanced system from Lotus will achieve my ultimate end goal;  the electronics and boxes will be truly forgotten leaving you with a completely natural unforced world of emotion that never gets tiring to listen to and does not incessantly nag at you for further ‘upgrades’. Pure uncorrupted music that is profoundly satisfying and startling in its sense of realism, a primordial and endlessly engaging connection between you and your favourite artists. The best system is one that is fully understood and neutral at all junctures. This means that it would have been very carefully put together, professionally installed and set up. It is an investment that takes you off the merry go round and away from all the guesswork and the mistakes, an investment that should last you a long long time and deliver huge quantities of pleasure every day, week, month, year.

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Walton on Thames, Surrey

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