Gold Note Pianosa Turntable

Home Media’s Gold Note demo event 20th – 21st August

Whether you’re new to Gold Note or a long-time lover of them, Home Media have a great demo experience coming up from the 20th to the 21st of August.

There will be a range of Gold Note turntables being demonstrated alongside both the PH-10 phono stage and PSU-10 power supply. Combined with the ATC SCM-40 floor standing speakers and Gold Note IS-1000 integrated amplifier, you’ll experience first hand the extraordinary sonic ability of Gold Note products. You will get an insight into exactly why they’re the leading Italian manufacturer of high-end audio products.

Gold Note founder & CEO Maurizio Aterini’s passion began with vinyl. So what better way to experience Gold Note products than through a vinyl based demonstration? This will prove to be an insightful event for any audiophile and a rare opportunity to experience a full compliment of Gold Note products.

The demonstrations will be carried out at Home Media’s audio and visual showroom in Maidstone, Kent. You can book demo slots of up to 1-hour long through out the day. The first time slot beginning at 10am and the last at 5:30pm. You will be given 1-1 time with the team from Home Media, where any and all questions are welcome. This is an amazing opportunity to fully learn and understand Gold Note audio products. Not only will it be an interesting event, you’ll also acquire the knowledge needed to enhance your system at home.

If you’re interested in booking a slot for Home Media’s Gold Note demo event, give them a call on 01622 676703. For more information head over to Home Media’s page


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