Gold Note DS-10 EVO

Gold Note DS-10 EVO wins Best Streamer / DAC in HiFi+ Awards 2022

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The Italian masters have done it again! This time, their DAC / Streamer, the DS-10, has had a big overhaul in this latest iteration the DS-10 EVO. And their hard work has paid off with this incredible unit receiving DAC / Streamer of the year in the HiFi + Awards 2022.

Hi-Fi + Winner 2022

This EVO version of the DS-10 offers a range of improvements over its (still excellent) predecessor. Greater flexibility, better performance and some aesthetic enhancements that also aid usability have been introduced including an updated display, the ability to update software over-the-air and the ability to stream directly to the DS-10 EVO from the Tidal app via Tidal Connect. Couple this with the improvements made to the output stage and you have a unit more than worthy of the award for product of the year.


This is proving to be a hugely popular DAC / streamer with our partners and demand has been strong. If you would like a demo, please do find the closest Gold Note partner to you from our list and they will be happy to arrange a listening session.

Demo units for press reviews are available directly from us. Just drop up a message via the form below and we’ll take it from there.

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Why choose this product?

The DS-10 EVO is incredibly versatile. In terms of a DAC, it offers multiple digital inputs, including 2x optical, 1x coaxial, 1x AES EBU, and 1x USB B, making it compatible with a wide range of external equipment. The DAC section also has a wide array of filter options, including 192 options for adjusting the EQ curve, de-emphasis curve, and the amount of voltage driving the DAC. These settings can be applied in real-time via the front panel. There’s also an analogue input available, something not offered in the standard DS-10.

As a streamer it features both wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi network connections, allowing for streaming via Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, Qobuz, Deezer, Airplay, and Internet Radio. It’s also a certified Roon Endpoint and can play music via UPnP from a NAS drive or shared folder on a computer. It also supports MQA playback and DSD (up to 512).

The unit features a full analogue preamp onboard which can be turned off if desired.

It has both RCA and XLR analogue outputs, as well as a headphone socket on the front panel with high and low sensitivity options.

THE DS-10 EVO also has a dedicated socket on the rear for the PSU-10 EVO power supply, which serves as an excellent way to upgrade and enhance the performance of your setup.


For a sleek and compact yet powerful set up, we recommend pairing the DS-10 EVO with the Gold Note PA-10 Stereo Power Amplifier. And because the PA-10 can be run in mono mode, you have a clear upgrade path with the addition of a second PA-10. We find Gold Note products sound truly exceptional when paired with other Gold Note products.

Seek out this fabulous bit of equipment and hear the difference for yourself!

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