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Primer Pro

Removing noise from the signal path

The Primer Pro philosophy is Entreq through and through, none of the signal cables are shielded – all of the noise, interference and pollutants that are present in the signal path drain away to the ground box via the ground cable – this lowers the noise floor, increasing dynamics and gives you a level of performance which for the money is simply outstanding.

A compact ground box and cable are included with all Primer Pro products, you are essentially buying a complete package that is good to go straight out the box.


Entreq Primer Pro Power Bar
Primer Pro Power Bar

Featuring 4 high-quality Furutec sockets. The Primer Pro mains bar is the ideal way to expand your mains inputs, whilst also giving the entire system a nice performance upgrade. For the best possible combination, we recommend...

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Entreq Primer Pro Signal Cable
Primer Pro Signal Cables

Primer Pro signal cables are available in both single-ended RCA and XLR connections. All Primer Pro cables have been developed with the express goal of offering Entreq’s unique technologies at a hugely competitive price point, incorporating...

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Entreq Primer Pro USB Cable
Primer Pro USB Cable

The build and sound of the Primer Pro USB has been heavily influenced by our original Konstantin USB cable. A very good solution for streaming from a computer to a USB DAC, whilst keeping the analogue...

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Entreq Primer Pro RJ45 Networking Cable
Primer Pro RJ45 Network Cable

The Primer Pro RJ45 Ethernet cable is 1.1m long as standard and includes a Primer Ground Cable and Primer Ground Box so you don’t need to add anything else to get up and running. Simply connect...

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Entreq Primer Pro Digital Cable
Primer Pro Digital Cable

Primer Pro digital/clock cables offer truly class-leading performance. They are available in RCA, XLR and BNC configurations and come complete with a Primer Pro ground box. The ideal solution for improving the sound between a source...

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Entreq Primer Pro Speaker Cable
Primer Pro Speaker Cable

Speaker Cable with shotgun design and EEDS. Primer Pro uses a special mix of Copper and Silver conductors. As with all of the Primer Pro range, captive ground cables and ground box are both included. When...

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