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How about some Duende?

For the U.K-born guitar player, raised on electric bands and US-influenced acoustic music, there is no challenge more daunting than the rarified air of Flamenco. The story of playing Flamenco guitar and...

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Joe’s Garage

I can’t think of anything close to Joe’s Garage outside the Zappa catalogue. To describe it as a Rock Opera brings all sorts of slightly yukkie stuff to my mind so I...

Bayside – Obskur

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Bayside – Obskür

Obskür are a duo from Dublin who only started making music in 2019. Fausto Hailing and Lorcan McCarthy create house music and have enjoyed doing so since they were both around 13...

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Miss Shiney – Kaiit

Kaiit Bellamia Waup is a musician who was born in Papua New Guinea and grew up in both Papua New Guinea and Melbourne, Australia. Though she would do gigs all around Melbourne,...

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Alone! – Bird and Byron

Bird and Byron are an Indie-rock duo I came across not even two weeks ago, So they’re both new to you and me at this point. The group made up of Nick...

Gotye - Like Drawing Blood

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‘Heart’s a mess’ and ‘Thanks for your time’ – Gotye

Gotye... also known as Wally De Backer is a Belgium musician who grew up in Melbourne, Australia. Though Gotye loved music from the get-go he began properly making music in 2001, his...