Childish Gambino - Because the Internet

Because the Internet by Childish Gambino

I thought I’d start this off by looking at the album that changed the way I viewed music entirely. This album was the first to give me chills, and the feeling of truly being in a song or in this case an album. Childish Gambino’s album ‘Because the internet’ showed me how you can tell a story with music, this album is an anthology, each story evoking different emotions through different aspects of sound.

‘Because the internet’ is genius. Donald Glover created an album full of subtle details and in your face statements. There are songs for laid back Sunday’s, drug fuelled Saturday nights and intergalactic space missions (most probably caused by that Saturday night).

In all seriousness I am thankful for this album, I felt as though I was introduced to a multitude of different genres. It may be classed as a hip-hop album but that’s not all it is. You get electric guitars, spoken quote’s, electronic sound, and noises that definitely belong in a star trek episode. It’s one of those albums that you could never get bored of, and after eight years it continues to give me chills.

Finally, If you’re not going to listen to this album, I ask that you listen to the last song on it at least. ‘III. Life: The Biggest Troll’. This song begins by making you feel like you could do a triathlon three times over and leaves you questioning life itself. So maybe don’t listen to it if you’re already an egotistical prick or emotionally fragile.

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Hello! My name is Josephine Robertson. I’m a second-year university student studying Digital Media Production at Cambridge School of Art. After reading that it will be no shock to you that I love nearly all things creative. predominantly photography, literature and of course music.

Music for me, much like books and photography is in a realm of its own. Literature is there to transport your mind to a different time, a different place, something only the writer may fathom. Photography is there to grace you with scenes and experiences you could only ever dream of, it creates endless new worlds just waiting for you. Music, when powerful enough is the combination of both. When you find THAT album or THAT song it can be the piece of art that pushes you to decipher those places and drives you to visit those worlds.

Music to me is energy. Be that the energy of a friend when you’re heartbroken and can barely move or be that the energy of the whole world at your fingertips.

Now I’ve done my poetry segment (You’re welcome) I’ll come back down to earth for you. I love music. I’m not here to offer you opinions from a musically educated background. The education I have is formed from listening to music and feeling everything it has to offer, researching the artists and learning their stories. If you too are fellow music feeler you may enjoy my opinions on the music I love. You may even learn something. Basically if you’re in the market for some new to you music, some old-school masterpieces and a digital media students opinions on it come join me.