Bayside – Obskur

Bayside – Obskür

Obskür are a duo from Dublin who only started making music in 2019. Fausto Hailing and Lorcan McCarthy create house music and have enjoyed doing so since they were both around 13 years old. Though they have done a few shows and even played at Longitude festival in 2019, only recently have they begun to actually release music.

This song stood out to me when I found it because it instantly gave me this feeling of motivation. I was halfway through a couple of university assignments, trying to find some songs to help me get focused and this song popped up. The first part that drew me in was the vocal sample from A.D.O.R’s ‘One for the trouble’, I loved that 90’s feel, plus it is mixed perfectly with the sounds of synth stabs and 909 drum machines. Making for a pretty sick sounding house track. 

I find this song very addictive; it’s the perfect song to put on and be productive. There isn’t too much to focus on so it’s not distracting yet at the same time It really draws you in, almost giving you some of its energy. The best part is at 2 minutes 12 seconds in you have what I’d call a light drop, not exactly a massive build-up to a climactic drop but rather a small but effective increase in intensity. It gets your heart rate up, it makes you a little excited, it does exactly what it was put there to do. It will definitely be one for the clubs once they open up again. 

Have a listen below:

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Hello! My name is Josephine Robertson. I’m a second-year university student studying Digital Media Production at Cambridge School of Art. After reading that it will be no shock to you that I love nearly all things creative. predominantly photography, literature and of course music.

Music for me, much like books and photography is in a realm of its own. Literature is there to transport your mind to a different time, a different place, something only the writer may fathom. Photography is there to grace you with scenes and experiences you could only ever dream of, it creates endless new worlds just waiting for you. Music, when powerful enough is the combination of both. When you find THAT album or THAT song it can be the piece of art that pushes you to decipher those places and drives you to visit those worlds.

Music to me is energy. Be that the energy of a friend when you’re heartbroken and can barely move or be that the energy of the whole world at your fingertips.

Now I’ve done my poetry segment (You’re welcome) I’ll come back down to earth for you. I love music. I’m not here to offer you opinions from a musically educated background. The education I have is formed from listening to music and feeling everything it has to offer, researching the artists and learning their stories. If you too are fellow music feeler you may enjoy my opinions on the music I love. You may even learn something. Basically if you’re in the market for some new to you music, some old-school masterpieces and a digital media students opinions on it come join me.